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Get more and pay less with The Principal Team’s “Full Service without the Fees” Ultimate Home Selling System.

Instead of paying more than 6% in total commissions, you’ll pay your Principal Team agent a 1% commission and a commission to the buyer’s agent.

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*No hidden fees. Ever. Savings based on 6% commission. You pay The Principal Team a 1% commission and we help you decide what to pay the buyer’s agent.

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Sellers throughout the Front Range are saving thousands of dollars when they take advantage of our “Full Service without the Fees” Ultimate Home Selling System. See how much you’ll save and get a free home valuation.

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Over $82 Million sold since 2018
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Most frequent questions and answers

In a general sense, sure, all agents do the same thing; they list and sell homes for sellers and help find homes and negotiate purchases for buyers

But not all real estate agents approach business the same way. 

The Principal Team’s Ultimate Home Selling System focuses on high-quality marketing and client service without high fees. We have engineered our entire approach to serving clients who have a profound preference for ‘the best’ and those who want to have the most respected, qualified and capable professionals representing them. Our goal is to sell your home in a time frame that works for you and at the best price possible. We work hard to expose your property to the largest number of prospective buyers possible and to provide superior service all the time.

Our team has created a better, faster and cheaper alternative for our clients, so people who hire us walk away thrilled. Because our clients are so satisfied, the referrals we get help save marketing dollars. Our organic growth has been amazing to watch because we’re getting more referrals, more repeat business and more new business than ever. We’re making a fine living!

An agent may promise a high selling price just to get your business, but that doesn’t mean it’s realistic, especially if you choose an inexperienced agent. You need to look at an agent’s actual, documented track record to see how their promises are kept. Most homes we list sell for between 101% and 105% of the original asking price. We’ll compare our extensive track record against any other agent’s record. And our “Full Service Without the Fees” model allows you to walk away with more money.

Pricing a home too high or too low can be costly for sellers and can cause homes to spend much more time on the market than necessary.

Pricing expertise helps sell homes. We monitor sales prices day to day throughout the Front Range. We know what a home can and will be sold for. We give clients truthful, frank advice on price and then we negotiate “tough” with buyers to get our prices paid.

Even if you don’t plan to sell for several months, it’s appropriate to call now to ensure all the details are taken care of and we’re prepared to start marketing your home when you’re ready. Selling a home quickly and for the most money possible takes preparation. The earlier you start preparing, the better off you’ll be.

Call our team leader, David, at 720-408-7409.

Our model is different, but so is our motivation. We want to be the best at what we do – the best possible solution for our clients, our team members and the communities we serve. We think our model lets agents provide the best possible service to our clients and our clients save money. We’re also committed to social responsibility and giving back.

If you trade stocks, buy music or book travel online, you know you can save big compared to the days before the Internet. While the Internet has made buying and selling homes more efficient, the cost savings haven’t been seen by most consumers. In fact, it still costs around 6% to sell a home. If you’re selling a $600,000 home, that’s $36,000! 

Nowadays, agents don’t drive contracts back and forth, clients do much of their shopping online and home prices are much higher. Technology has allowed agents to be more efficient. Does it make sense to charge that much to sell a home? We don’t think so.

The Principal Team offers clients a more modern selling experience and a better alternative. Our team has created a better, faster and cheaper alternative for our clients.

In many transactions, sellers pay 6% of their home’s sales price in commissions; 3% to each agent. When you sell with The Principal Team, you only pay our full service listing agent a 1% commission plus a 2.5% to 3% commission to the buyer’s agent. That’s $15,000 in savings on a $600,000 home.

Our founders come from a background in Web development and Internet marketing. When we started in real estate over 10 years ago, we realized that almost all buyers start their home search online and that the Internet had streamlined the entire buying and selling process. Even though the process had changed, consumers weren’t seeing the benefits. We thought a shake-up in the industry was overdue.

A hot market can make it easier for inexperienced agents and agents with limited resources to sell properties. However, other agents don’t have the resources we have, like our database of prospective buyers, a dedicated marketing manager whose job is to promote your home to buyers, our track record of success and the strength of our proven Ultimate Home Selling System.

Experience and a successful track record matter, at any time and in any type of market. Here’s why: You not only want your home sold quickly but you want it sold for the most amount of money possible. You want it sold efficiently without disputes, messed up documents or confusion.

You want a smooth and flawless transaction with an agent who’s diligent and knowledgeable of market trends and strategic pricing, and who understands the details of marketing.  This is the kind of experience we pride ourselves on delivering to every client.

Earn thousands more when you sell for one percent

Get a financial advantage with no-hassle guarantees

You’ll have experienced and dedicated professionals working for you

Get direct access to THOUSANDS of buyers in our database

We make every transaction as easy and efficient as possible

Innovative marketing creates more demand for your home

Our track record of success

Five-Star Service Throughout Your Sale

We love to work with buyers who are looking to purchase a home anywhere from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. We offer buyer satisfaction guarantees and other incentives that other agents won’t provide. If you’re considering purchasing a home, call The Principal Team at 720-408-7409 to get started.

A Better Way of Doing Things

Packaging Your Property to Sell

The market for home buyers is competitive. A well-presented home will draw more attention from serious buyers and can greatly decrease the amount of time your property is on the market. We’ll help you prepare your home for a successful sale.

Top-Notch Marketing

No matter the asking price, your home should be marketed with the highest-quality marketing materials possible, with a marketing plan designed to reach and engage prospective buyers. We use high-quality marketing materials and proven techniques to reach and engage prospective buyers.

Listing and Ongoing Promotion of Your Property

While many agents list your home in the MLS, cross their fingers and hope for a sale, we know that the more eyes that are on your home, the better. In Denver’s competitive real estate market, it takes more to get top dollar for your home. We go far beyond what most agents provide to create more demand for your home and give prospective buyers a great experience when they come see your home.

Client Service, Negotiation and Closing

Experience and a successful track record matter – any time, in any market. Here’s why: You want your home sold as quickly as possible and for the highest price possible. You also want it sold efficiently. You want a smooth, flawless transaction. This is the kind of totally satisfying experience we pride ourselves on delivering to every client.

Protecting Your Interests

Selling a home can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. We do everything we can to help our sellers enjoy peace of mind throughout their transactions. Hire an agent who gives you more than traditional agents. We offer unique protections for sellers that make selling a home with The Principal Team easier.

Compare The Principal Team Sell Your Home For One Percent to the Competition

Principal Team

Traditional Agent

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Discount Broker

(1% to 2% or Flat Fee)

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*Savings based on 6% commission.

Not all marketing or preparation is appropriate for every home. We’ll create a custom plan for your property designed to promote and sell it quickly, for the most money possible. Your property’s marketing plan will likely include most, but not all, of the items we describe on this website.

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