Creating Marketing Materials for Your Home

Top-Notch Marketing

Premium Marketing Materials to Advertise Your Home

When you list your home for 1 percent in Denver, you may think you have to sacrifice and expect sub-standard marketing. With most low-commission real estate agents, you will. To get your property sold, your home should stand out from the competition. Beyond that, the marketing that promotes your home should reach and engage prospective buyers. The Principal Team’s “Full Service without the Fees” Ultimate Home Marketing system brings your home the attention it deserves. We’ll be sure your home gets noticed by the people most likely to buy it. 

Typical Marketing Materials

Your Home's Own Website

Your custom property website contains information buyers want, including more photos than the MLS listing, the video tour of your home, a great map with places nearby and more.

Professional Photography and Photo Editing

Beautiful high-definition photography highlights your home’s best features. While some low-commission real estate agents take their own photos – often with their phones – we use professional, experienced real estate photographers and editors who understand how to grab buyers’ attention.

Aerial Video and Photography

Is your home in a spectacular or unique location? Showcase your property from all angles with video and photos taken by a licensed, professional drone photographer.

3-D Virtual Home Tour

A beautiful, interactive 3D model of your home engages in-town and out-of-town buyers. This virtual walkthrough experience of your home and bird’s-eye perspective of your property builds excitement around your home that can lead to more showings.

Video Tour

Highlight the beauty of your home with a video available for sharing online. Expose your home to more buyers, including people browsing on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

“Just Listed” Announcements and Open House Invitations

Your neighbors and people who’ve told us they’re looking for a home like yours are a great pool of prospective buyers. They may want to own a home like yours or know someone who does.  “Just Listed” announcements and open house invitations will ensure this group knows about your home.

Description of Your Home

If you’ve read descriptions of homes for sale, you know  many are terribly written, riddled with errors and not interesting. Don’t get stuck with a low-commission real estate agent who doesn’t know the importance of a well-crafted description of your property. The Principal Team understands the art and science behind marketing and ad copy that creates more demand for your home. 

Property Flyers

Make your home more memorable with full-color luxurious flyers that impress potential home buyers. They’re a great reference after buyers get home and try to remember all the homes they’ve seen and the features of each home.

Online Advertising

Engaging advertising sparks interest and moves people to action. Ads should show the value of your home and how it stands apart from the competition. The Principal Team create effective online ads that sell.

After your property's marketing materials are ready, we immediately go to work to promote your home to buyers.

Not all marketing or preparation is appropriate for every home. We’ll create a custom plan for your property designed to promote and sell it quickly, for the most money possible. Your property’s marketing plan will likely include most, but not all, of the items we describe on this website.