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Timing the Sale of Your Home

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you may be wondering about how best to time the market. Over the years, we’ve helped people sell – and buy – homes in all seasons and during all types of markets.

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Commission and Service – Us vs Traditional Agent

One of the biggest differences that we have is the commission that we charge for our listings. We only charge 1% commission for all our listings and you don’t even have to buy another home through us to get that commission. We charge everyone that same 1% commission.

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MLS Exposure – Us vs Metro Denver Discount Broker

I want to let you know how we differ then the discount brokerages along the Front Range and in the metro Denver area when it comes to MLS exposure. We are members of all three of the MLS systems that go all the way from the Wyoming State Line all the way down to Pueblo.

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Photography – Us vs Colorado Discount Brokerage

Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about how we differ from discount brokers in terms of photography. We only provide professional photography including 3D walkthrough tours, video tours and a website specifically for your home to showcase all this great photography.

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MLS – Us vs Traditional Agent

What does it take to sell your home in this market and in this time period? It takes maximum exposure to the market and being online in as many places as you can be. Most traditional agents are only a member of one MLS system.

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