Photography – Us vs Colorado Discount Brokerage

Hello, it’s David Lampe with the Principal Team and Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about how we differ from discount brokers in terms of photography. We only provide professional photography including 3D walkthrough tours, video tours and a website specifically for your home to showcase all this great photography. Most discount brokers out there are not doing professional photography they’re just having the agent come in, sometimes with their cell phone camera, and take really bad pictures and then only are posting a few pictures to the MLS. We maximize the number of photos on the MLS which currently is 40. This makes a huge difference you need people to see your home in a good light on the internet through photos and to fall in love with it. They will then come and take a look at your home in person and make you an offer to purchase your home. 

Please give me a call at 720-408-7409 with any questions. Check out our website and our comparison chart to see how we’re much better than the other discount brokers out there.