Commission and Service – Us vs Metro Denver Discount Brokers

Hello, it’s David Lampe with the Principal Team and
Today I want to talk to you a little bit about how we are different than discount brokers here in the metro Denver area and along the Front Range of Colorado. Many of the discount brokers will give you a deal on commission but they will have things that they will not do for you. For example, they may not have the best photography where we only have professional photography. Another main difference is that many of them will require you to use them to purchase another home in order to get their deal on the commission, otherwise they charge you a higher commission rate. We on the other hand, sell all homes for 1% Commission plus a commission for the buyer’s agent determined by you. We are very different than these other discount brokerages because we just across the board charge 1% commission. We think that this is very fair.  

Many people ask me why we do this, it’s because we agree with most people that a lot of Realtors do very little and charge a huge amount of money. Of course, these discount brokers out there are not charging as much as traditional real estate agents, but they also are providing really bad customer service. We pride ourselves on providing awesome customer service and we call this full service without the fees. 

Please check out our website, check out our comparison chart, and give me a call at 720.408.7409 if you have any questions. We’d love to work with you!