Commission and Service – Us vs Traditional Agent

Hello, it’s David Lampe with the Principal Team and
I wanted to go over some of the things that make us different than the traditional real estate agents and brokers that you will find along the Front Range of Colorado and in the metro Denver area.

Of course, one of the biggest differences that we have is the commission that we charge for our listings. We only charge 1% commission for all our listings and you don’t even have to buy another home through us to get that commission. We charge everyone that same 1% commission. Most traditional realtors are typically charging around 6% Commission and then they’re paying 2.8 percent to a buyer’s agent, so they are making 3.2 percent commission. Therefore, our 1% commission is less than a third of what most of these other traditional agents are charging.

We also do much more than these other traditional agents do for that commission that you’re paying us. Check out our website and the comparison chart and you’ll see just how much more we’re doing than most traditional real estate agents. Check out some of the other videos on our website as well. I explain in more detail about photography, security and MLS coverage.

Many people ask me why we do this. We agree with most people that that most Realtors out there do very little work and charge a lot of money. We don’t think this is fair. We don’t typically go out and give gifts of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to acquaintances, strangers or even family members. That’s exactly what you’re doing when you hire one of these traditional agents and pay them three times what you would pay us.

Give me a call at 720-408-7409 for a no-obligation consultation I’ll let you know more about what we do that’s different and we could set up a time I could look at your home. Once again, there is no obligation of any kind.