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Help for Home Sellers

Courses and Guides

The process of selling a home is a big deal. It can be overwhelming, even for people who have sold a home before. We’ve created a fantastic course for home sellers and a variety of guides to help you understand how the sales process work. We aim to take the mystery out of selling a home and give you the knowledge and confidence you need.

The Ultimate Guide to Selling a Home

This is an email-based course on selling a home. 

You’ll receive ten email lessons that guide you through the home sales process – from planning your sale through your move. Each lesson includes an email, video and a guide you can save and print. You’ll learn everything you need to know to prepare your home, set a price and get your home sold with a price and terms that work best for you.

Guides to save and print

Click each guide to learn more and request the guide. These guides provide valuable information on specific parts of the home sale process. If you want more than one of these guides, consider signing up for The Ultimate Guide to Selling a Home course. That course includes all these guides and more.