Electronic Lock Boxes – Us vs Traditional Agent

Hello again this is David Lampe with SellYourHomeForOnePercent.com. This is another in my series of what we do differently than traditional real estate agents. One thing that we do is we provide electronic lock boxes on all of our listings. This is versus the traditional agent where 90 plus percent of those agents are still putting manual lock boxes out there for their listings.

These new electronic lock boxes are state-of-the-art and provide much more security for your home, your possessions and your loved ones. This is vs old manual lock boxes that have very simple combinations. You would be appalled to know how many agents put these on homes with very simple codes such as 1234 or 1111 and that’s all a thief or someone with bad intentions needs to get into your home. They can schedule a showing with an agent, watch the agent as they put the code into these boxes and then come back later and steal your possessions or worse.

The new electronic lock boxes allow an agent to schedule a showing and that agent gets a unique code that is only good for them for that one day and it’s a seven-digit code. It’s much harder for someone to watch and see what the code is and then come back later. These electronic lock boxes provide much more security. We care about your security and that’s just one of the differences that we provide.

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