Photography – Us vs Traditional Agent

Hello I’m David Lampe with This is the first in a series where I’m going to explain the differences between us and a traditional real estate agent. One of the main differences is of course what we charge. We charge 1% commission for all of our listings. That is about a third of what other agents are charging. Many agents out there are charging a full 6% Commission and then they’re paying approximately 2.8 percent of the buyer’s agent which means you are paying the listing agent 3.2 percent Commission versus our 1%.

One of the main differences that I’d like to point out is in photography. You need good photographs out there on the MLS and on the internet in order to attract people to come and take a look at your home in person. You would be appalled to see the quality that some of these traditional agents are putting out there. Many traditional agents are taking 20 photos or so with their smartphone which look very bad and they really don’t entice anyone to come and take a look at your home in person.

Of course, you have to get buyers to take a look at your home in person so that the buyer can fall in love with the home. On the other hand, we do all professional photography, 3D tours, video tours and we put this all on a website just for your home as well as putting it into the MLS with the maximum number of 40 photos allowed.

We do all of this to make sure that our listings are represented the best that they can be out there on the internet and the MLS. Please check out our website at to take a look at the quality of the photos we use, the 3d tours, the websites the video tours plus more and compare us to any traditional agent.

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